Full Auto Sanitary Pad Making Machine

Brief introduction:Full automatic sanitary pad making machine with glue

Detailed description


1. Using the ultrasonic and special steel roller, sewn without thread&heating. 

2. Use separate steel cutting mould, 10 times longer life than traditional model. More flat,more beautiful, no wrinkles. 

3. Machine with automatic anion chip layer attaching, size 80*30mm. 

4. Machine with auto backside glue&release paper attach function, more efficiency and easy operation. 

5. Napkin size(L*W):280*160mmother sizes according to our customers; 

6. Machine with auto counting and will stop once reach setting production. 

7. Machine with 6nos. fabric feeding roll, each roll tension can be adjusted separately. 

8. Suitable for PP nonwoven fabric, Hotair/Airthrough nonwoven, PE film, SAP paper, SS hydrophilic nonwoven etc.

Technical parameter 



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