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      Changzhou Futan Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, formerly known as Changzhou Jitan Machinery Factory. It is a domestic manufacturer specialized in ultrasonic mechanical equipment and multi-function folding machines.

      The company covers an area of 23,000 square meters, with a construction area of 33,000 square meters, and currently employs more than 100 people. The company implements the ISO9001 management system, is an experienced production, operation, research and development, management and service team, and has close technical cooperation relationships with many domestic universities. The company introduces European and American technology, adopts imported raw materials and high-quality components and accessories, and has formed ultrasonic lace machine, ultrasonic sewing machine, ultrasonic bag making machine, ultrasonic sewing machine, ultrasonic sewing machine, multi-function discount machine, multi-function folding machine, There are eight series of non-woven mask machine, non-woven shoe cover machine, non-woven cap machine, and more than 40 varieties. Products are exported to the United States, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Ukraine, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Poland, Egypt, Bangladesh and other countries and have won praises from users at home and abroad. The operating income for the whole year of 2019 was 17.36 million yuan and the loss was 2.69 million.

      After the Spring Festival in 2020, the new crown epidemic broke out across the country. Our company actively responded to the government's call to adjust the production line to produce masks in order to support the city's prevention and control materials. Due to the impact of the epidemic, most of the workers were unable to return to the factory to resume production in time because they returned to their hometowns and stayed at home. Our company temporarily recruited more than 40 workers to start production, and quickly organized a team of engineers to develop machine design, intelligent innovation, automation, and component selection in groups. Waiting for the design work, working overtime, only 10 days to complete the design of the machine that originally required two months of design time and put it into production.

      As mask machine projects were being used all over the country during the epidemic, the company encountered difficulties in the procurement of accessories during the production process. The prices of the three major accessories of mask machines such as ultrasonic power supply, transducer and welding head have soared. It is difficult to find one machine, and one mask machine is added. There are nearly 500 parts, and many outsourcing manufacturers are unable to meet the processing needs of matching parts due to the insufficient resumption rate. However, the company did not slow down the pace of production, and took multiple measures to ensure the rapid arrival of machine parts. In mid-March, I applied to the Changzhou Bureau of Industry and Information Technology for the equipment technological transformation investment project of prevention and control materials production enterprises, and purchased a 400,000 yuan CNC engraving machine equipment. After the technological transformation equipment was put into use, the daily output of our company was obvious. The increase in production of mask machines has increased from 2-3 units/day to 5 units/day, and the production of mask ribbon welding machines has increased from 20 units/day to 25 units/day.

      From January to April 2020, our company provided more than 1.02 million masks to the New Taipei District Government, and supplied 103 mask machines and 1,743 mask welding machines to all parts of the country.

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