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Development history

Founded in 2009, formerly known as Changzhou Jitan machinery factory.
Is the first batch of domestic specialized in ultrasonic mechanical equipment and multi-functional folding machine manufacturers.
  • Accumulation precipitation


    Establishment of the company

    Changzhou Jitan machinery factory was established in 2003
  • Reform and exploration


    Company reorganization

    In 2009, it was changed to Changzhou Futan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd
  • rapid growth

    2010-so far

    Introduction of domestic and foreign technologies

    The company covers an area of 23000 square meters and has more than 100 employees。

Chairman's speech

Yuan Xi—chairman of Fotan machinery
Dear friends: I don't want to introduce the company's situation too much here. I just want to briefly describe our principles of being human and doing things, so as to help you better understand Futan machinery:
Keeping our promise is our business principle,
Virtue is the creed of our life,
Integrity is our conduct,
We are grateful to the community and our customers,
The great good is the best and the best is like water,
To be able to do everything for the society and our friends who support us is our goal as well as our wish!
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