Inner ear belt machine

Brief introduction:The ultrasonic system used in the inner ear belt conveyor has strong and stable power and is suitable for long-term continuous operation. The equipment runs stably, with the fastest 60 tablets per minute, and the qualified rate of products is more than 99%.

Detailed description

 ultrasound with the inner ear system power machine of strong and stable, continuous operation for a long time. The equipment runs stably, the fastest is 60 pieces per minute, and the product qualification rate is over 99%.

  • Inner Ear Band Machine
  • Inner Ear Band Machine
  • Inner Ear Band Machine

Production Process

  • Manual feeding
  • Automatic feeding of ear strap
  • Ultrasonic earband welding
  • Non-woven fabric side tape feeding and edging
  • Ultrasonic sideband welding
  • Sideband cut
  • Finished product output
  • count
  • Finished product stacking
  • The conveyor belt device sends out.


Operating Voltage220V
Air pressure6-8kg/cm²
Mask size175*95mm
Overall size (L×W×H)3000*1000*1800mm
net weight500KG


  • The non-woven inner ear mask machine adopts aluminum alloy bracket, PLC programming control, and high degree of automation.
  • Photoelectric detection of raw materials, avoid errors and reduce waste, with high stability;
  • Servo feeding, precise positioning, uniform welding strip;


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