Automatic mask machine

Brief introduction:The automatic mask machine is composed of one body machine and two external (internal) point machines by connecting the transmission part. The frequency converter and motor are controlled by PLC program to realize the synchronous operation of three machines. It is easy to replace and operate the face mask. The equipment runs stably, the fastest speed is 150 pieces per minute, and the qualified rate of products is over 98%.

Detailed description

 Fully automatic mask machine is a combination of a main machine and two external (internal) point machines through the connecting transmission part, and the inverter and the motor are controlled through the PLC program to realize the synchronous operation of the three machines. Both face-up and non-face-up masks can be produced, and the replacement device is simple and easy to operate.

The equipment runs stably, 150 pieces per minute at the fastest, and the product qualification rate is over 98%.

  • Automatic mask machine
  • Automatic mask machine
  • Automatic mask machine

Production Process

  • Automatic feeding
  • Mask sheet forming
  • Automatic feeding of ear strap
  • Ultrasonic earband welding
  • Finished product output
  • count
  • Finished product stacking
  • The conveyor belt device sends out.


Operating Voltage220V
Air pressure6-8kg/cm²
Mask size175*95mm
Overall size (L×W×H)7000*3200*2000mm
net weight2000KG


  • Fully automatic mask machine When one of the taping machines fails, the other tapping machine can still work normally; the tapping machine and the main machine can also work normally independently without affecting each other.
  • Aluminum alloy bracket, PLC programming control, high degree of automation.
  • The ultrasonic system has strong and stable power, suitable for long-term continuous operation.
  • Servo feeding, precise displacement, uniform welding strip;
  • Photoelectric detection of raw materials, avoid errors and reduce waste, with high stability;


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