Ultrasonic label strip cutting machine

Brief introduction:The ultrasonic cutting machine can cut various braided belts, Velcro, shoelaces, zippers, trademarks and various leather belt materials. At the same time, the equipment can change the shearing die at will. It can cut straight edge, bevel edge, dovetail edge, round edge, drilling, etc. and the installation of the shear mold is simple and convenient.

Detailed description

 the ultrasonic cutting unit can cut with a variety of woven tape, Velcro, laces, zippers, trademarks, and other materials with various cortex. At the same time, the equipment can change the cutting die at will, and can cut straight edges, beveled edges, dovetail edges, round edges, punching, etc., and the installation of the cutting die is simple and convenient.


Operating Voltage220V
input power800W
Running speed60-100 times/minute
Cut length1~99cm
Cut off width1~8cm


  • Ultrasonic tape cutting machine can cut up to 100 times per minute.
  • liLC touch screen operation, with automatic counting function.
  • Utilize the instant high temperature of ultrasonic to fuse the joints of the slits, without burrs, scorching, and discoloration.
  • Automatic cutting, saving labor, one person can operate multiple machines.


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