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In recent years, the apparel machinery market has undergone many changes, and various apparel equipment has appeared, making our fabric processing activities more convenient. There are many forms of fabric processing, and various forms of fabrics are processed by equipment, and the later production is very fast. As a kind of clothing machinery, discount machine is widely used in our lives, and its main material has also undergone various changes. How does the main structure change? This is what everyone cares about. Now let 's take a look at the relevant content following the introduction of discount machine manufacturers .

 Pleating machines are widely used in all kinds of knitted sewing materials, such as sports shirts, T-shirts, men's and women's underwear, knitted fashion, etc., sewing equipment in large sewing factories. The pleating machine uses a forced oil return device at the needle bar to effectively control the measurement of the needle bar organization and eliminate the appearance of oil leakage. The upper and lower silicone oil equipment prevents the needle from heating and breaking. The single-needle pleating machine is a kind of pleating machine, which can sew two-color rope stitches with similar shapes and the same braids in two colors on general fabrics. The seam mesh is beautiful and generous, and its size and thickness can be adjusted to a large scale, with an outstanding embellishment effect. Simple layout, convenient operation and maintenance. This series of small square head interlock sewing machines has a wide variety of derivatives. The pleating machine is widely used in the textile industry. Uses: suitable for thin or medium thick embellishment sewing. For example: women's fashion tops, skirt pants, children's clothing, cushions, hoods, etc. The reduced scene discount machine is mainly a luxurious embossed flower shape with reduced scenes and density changes. The fabric after heat setting greatly adds elasticity and three-dimensionality. The reduced scene style is more elegant and special. It can be used to make bridesmaid shirts and skirts. Decorative towels, cover cloths, etc.

  In summary, everyone should have an understanding of the application of discount machines. As a clothing machine, we can use it to process various fabrics and make various garments. It can be said that the use of discount machines is very extensive, because it is very convenient to use. If you want to buy discount machines, but don't know the work of discount machines very well, you might as well come to our company to learn about it.


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