How to use and improve the pleating machine

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Before the garment is made, we have to conceive and process the fabric. The pleating machine is used at this time. We use the pleating machine to process the fabric. So how to use the Lijing pleat machine correctly, and how to carry out the improvement and upgrade activities of the pleat machine? Now I will give you a brief introduction, I hope it will be helpful to everyone's use.

In the process of discounting, the angle, squeezing force and squeezing duration of the discounted blades are mostly determined by a rigid device cam, which controls the movement of the blades and exerts force between the blades. Such a cam system is designed to adapt to the general or standard filter media discounting blade's inclination angle, squeezing time length and the general regulation of the fluctuation range of the squeezing force. For media that are highly sensitive to equipment strain, such as ultra-fine glass fiber, membrane media, polycarbonate, or fiber mesh combined with glass fiber, the standard blade movement generally cannot meet the specified quality standards.

The pleating machine uses a forced oil return device at the needle bar to effectively control the measurement of the needle bar organization and eliminate the appearance of oil leakage. The upper and lower silicone oil equipment prevents the needle from heating and breaking. The single-needle pleating machine is a kind of pleating machine, which can sew two-color rope stitches with similar shapes and the same braids in two colors on general fabrics. The seam mesh is beautiful and generous, and its size and thickness can be adjusted to a large scale, with an outstanding embellishment effect.

1. In the pleat machine, the automatic pleat height detection and control at the discharge tray. According to the acceptable endurance limit of each filtered product. The error rate automatically matches the detected pleat height. If it exceeds the tolerable error rate, as long as the operator selects this option in the preset pleating program, the automatic alarm will start or the machine will automatically stop;

2. The fully electronic pleat machine brings all computer-controlled parameters for long-term detection, and additionally brings manual adjustment parameters, such as the back pressure value of the back pressure from the top pressure cylinder;

3. Produce a bottom with shorter pleats or a top type with shorter pleats. The shorter pleats can be conceived in the form of a middle pleat alternately with a standard pleat or a short press pleat marked by the edge of the filter. Even a pleating method that folds three or more different pleated sizes in a continuous process can be conceived.

To sum up, we have learned the key points of the pleating machine. The angle and squeezing force of the discount blade are very critical. Sometimes the strength is not well controlled, and accidents are likely to occur.


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