Ultrasonic compound machine

Brief introduction:The ultrasonic laminating machine is a seamless glue free compound equipment. It uses the ultrasonic principle to carry out needleless wireless operation, which can bond and Emboss various kinds of chemical fiber fabrics, non-woven fabrics, spray cotton, artificial leather and other fabrics.

Detailed description

 Ultrasonic laminating machine is a seamless glueless laminating equipment, using the principle of ultrasonic for needle-free wireless operation, bonding and embossing various chemical fiber fabrics, non-woven fabrics, spray cotton, artificial leather and other fabrics.

The machine is simple and convenient to operate, the pattern is clear and beautiful, the fabric is not deformed, the adhesion is firm and there is no pinhole, and the production efficiency is high.

Sample display

  • Ultrasonic compound machine
  • Ultrasonic compound machine
  • Ultrasonic compound machine


Operating Voltage8KW 380V 3 phase
Effective width1000~3000mm
Running speed20m/min
Machine size5.0x3.0x1.9m
net weight2000KG

The whole machine constitutes an
 embossing composite host, an ultrasonic control cabinet, a finished product winding machine, a fabric placing frame, and a slitting device (optional)


  • Specially equipped with professional pattern roller level adjuster, which can quickly and arbitrarily correct the pattern roller level.
  • It is the wireless quilting technology developed by Fortan to eliminate the trouble of threading and threading traditional stitching fabrics.
  • The embossing composite width ranges from a small value to 3000mm, and you can make any pattern you want by just changing the pattern roller.
  • Adopting the whole original imported vibrator, the sound wave is strong, and the stitching effect is better.
  • The slitting fabric is flat and precise; the size can be adjusted at will, the smaller slitting width is 100mm.
  • The rewinding device can be equipped with single/double rollers (synchronous constant speed rewinding) or a single air shaft (magnetic powder clutch tension control), and the elasticity of the rewinding fabric is adjustable.


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