Full auto ultrasonic quilting sewing machine

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 automatic ultrasonic sewing machine integrates ultrasonic sewing, compound embossing, ultrasonic slitting, and ultrasonic cross-cutting.

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  • Automatic ultrasonic sewing machine
  • Automatic ultrasonic sewing machine
  • Automatic ultrasonic sewing machine


Operating VoltageEffective widthQuilting speedMachine sizenet weight
10KW 380V 3 phase1000~3000mm10m/min8.0x3.0x1.9m3000KG


  • The sewing machine has a high degree of automation, simple operation, high sewing strength and high production efficiency.
  • Specially equipped with professional pattern roller level adjuster, which can quickly and arbitrarily correct the pattern roller level.
  • It is the wireless quilting technology developed by Fortan to eliminate the trouble of threading and threading traditional stitching fabrics.
  • The embossing composite width ranges from a small value to 3000mm, and you can make any pattern you want by just changing the pattern roller.
  • Adopting the whole original imported vibrator, the sound wave is strong, and the stitching effect is better.
  • Ultrasonic trimming is beautiful without burrs; the size can be adjusted at will, and the smaller slitting width is 400mm.
  • The cutting length is set at will through the computer touch screen, and the smaller cross-cut length is 200mm.


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