Full auto ultrasonic quilting sewing machine

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Detailed description

 automatic ultrasonic sewing machine integrates ultrasonic sewing, compound embossing, ultrasonic slitting, and ultrasonic cross-cutting.

Sample display

  • Automatic ultrasonic sewing machine
  • Automatic ultrasonic sewing machine
  • Automatic ultrasonic sewing machine


Operating VoltageEffective widthQuilting speedMachine sizenet weight
10KW 380V 3 phase1000~3200mm10m/min8.0x3.0x1.9m1200-4000KG


  • The sewing machine has a high degree of automation, simple operation, high sewing strength and high production efficiency.
  • Specially equipped with professional pattern roller level adjuster, which can quickly and arbitrarily correct the pattern roller level.
  • It is the wireless quilting technology developed by Fortan to eliminate the trouble of threading and threading traditional stitching fabrics.
  • The embossing composite width ranges from a small value to 3200mm, and you can make any pattern you want by just changing the pattern roller.
  • Adopting the whole original imported vibrator, the sound wave is strong, and the stitching effect is better.
  • Ultrasonic trimming is beautiful without burr; the size can be adjusted at will, and the smaller slitting width is 400mm, even can be smaller.
  • The cutting length is set at will through the computer touch screen, and the smaller cross-cut length is 200mm.

    Embossing/bonding Equipment

  • Vertical cutter on embossing device, standard 2pcs,  support custom, qty and patterns

    Horizontal Cutting Equipment

  • It controlled by electronic cabinet PLC, control the length of finished products, width controlled by photoelectric sensor, adjust the cutting width through changing the sensor position, manual operation.

    The cross cutter pattern also can be customized.



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