Electric Heating Fabric Embossing Machine

Brief introduction:Adopt electric heating technology, shape single layer fabric, such as flannel. Good result, high speed.

Detailed description


Machine name:Electric Heating Fabric Embossing Machine
Power supply:380V/220V 3phase
Heating temperature:0-400 ℃ adjustable
Working speed:0-10m/min adjustable
Embossing pattern:Customized
Machine size:3500x1000x1660mm
Machine weight:1200kg


  • Complete machine construction adopt high strength certificated steel.

  • Self-produce carving embossing steel roller, high accuracy, support customized patterns.

  • Use high quality imported silicone roller material, finish carving on our own machine, ensure the uniformity with carving steel roller.

  • Finished embossing pattern are smart and neat, not easily deformed, popular on market.

  • Adjustable speed, 0-10m according to different materials.

  • High quality heating tubes, heating up fast and evenly.

  • Support customized parts according to customers requests.


Sample display


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