Hot air sewing machine

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 hot air stitching machine is to apply the tape to the sewing area through high temperature to achieve waterproofing. It is suitable for nylon-PVC, nylon-PU, rubber cloth, three-layer cloth and other waterproof coating fabrics such as raincoats, windbreakers, ski wear, screens, tents, military waterproof covers, waterproof bags, light car covers, PVC fabrics seamless Welding, can replace high frequency welding machine.

  • Hot air stitching machine
  • Hot air stitching machine
  • Hot air stitching machine
  • Hot air stitching machine


power supply220V 1phase
rated power1800W
Compressed air0.3-0.5MPa
Blowable tape width14-22mm
Width of pressure roller25.4mm
net weight140KG
Body size (length x width x height)1350x 600*1550mm


  • The hot air stitching machine adopts PLC programmable, man-machine interface touch screen display, simple operation.
  • Automatic temperature control, high stability, temperature fluctuation ±2℃.
  • Synchronous transmission of upper and lower pressing wheels and chains, automatic compensation of virtual position, automatic micro-retraction function, reducing pressure belt blank.
  • Can work continuously for 24 hours, high efficiency production.
  • Automatically cut the tape, transfer the tape, and automatically weld the remaining tape to reduce material loss.



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