Curtain pleating machine jt-616

Brief introduction:Curtain discount machine is used in chemical fiber, mixed fabric, paper, multi-layer filter paper, non-woven fabric, PVC and other heat setting discount special equipment. The finished fabric can be used for curtain and decoration

Detailed description

 Curtain discount machine is a special equipment used for heat setting discount of chemical fiber, mixed fabric, paper, multilayer filter paper, non-woven fabric, PVC, etc.

The finalized fabric can be made into curtains and various decorations.


Working width0~1600MM
Discount speed0~100 pleats/minute
Discount thickness0.1 ~ 3MM
Discount height8~50MM (50~150MM available)
Operating Voltage380V (220V available)
Machine weight1000KG

Sample display

  • Curtain discount machine
  • Curtain discount machine


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