Double Cutter Ultrasonic Towel Sheet Cutting Machine

Brief introduction:Full Auto Double Cutter Towel/Sheet Cutting Machine

Detailed description

Compare to single cross cutter model, this one has more bag advantages, faster speed, high efficiency, can cut two batches products at same time.


   Location   Changzhou, Jiangsu Province
Machine Name
Full auto double cutter ultrasonic sheet towel cutting machine
Power Supply
20Khz, or customized
Brand Name
Continue working, air-shaft device
Support Width
3000mm, support custom
Machine Size


1. The equipment adoptsPLC as the control method of the entire operating system, full auto saves labor and improving efficiency, you can also choose manual mold is available. More import is that it totally instead of traditional needle and thread technology, the finished products looks more smart and enjoy good feedback on market.

2. According to the needs of your local customers, you can change the width of the finished products actively, also include the cutting edge patterns through changing patterned cutters.

3. Certificated metal materials bring strong mechanical structure, we can offer live production video in your order. Self-produced powerful ultrasonic system offer the high-speed operation stability, effectively improve the durability and service life of machinery.

4. If lack the fabric materials, the machine could automatically stop and remind workers change new materials, it could help you maximize the efficiency.

5. As an experienced manufacturer, we can offer full customized services according to customers' requirements.


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