Ultrasonic glove machine

Brief introduction:This machine is used to produce warm velvet inner sleeve, antistatic cloth gloves, polyester gloves; it can produce various specifications and shapes of gloves at one time; it can also produce a pair of gloves at a time, with high production efficiency.

Detailed description

Application of
 the machine for the production of gloves inside warm warm velvet inner sleeve, anti-static cloth gloves, polyester gloves; forming can produce a variety of gloves of various shapes; and produce a pair of gloves, high production efficiency.

  • Ultrasonic glove machine
  • Ultrasonic glove machine

Applicable materials:
 chemical fiber cloth, non-woven cloth, polyester cloth, woolen cloth, thermal velvet, nylon, thermoplastic film, chemical plastic sheet.


Operating Voltageinput powerProduction speedProduct size LxWOverall sizenet weight
220V2.0KW30-60 pieces/minCustomized3.0x0.8x1.5m400kg


  • The glove machine adopts an aluminum alloy bracket as a whole, with a reasonable structure, strong and durable.
  • Ultrasonic principle realizes needleless wireless suture;
  • Electronic counting, automatic shutdown of output can be set;
  • Simple operation and high production efficiency.


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