Introduction to the use of pleating machine

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 When we go out, what we pay attention to is the wearing and matching of clothing. Earlier, our requirements for clothing were only basic comfort and durability. Nowadays, with the improvement of people’s aesthetics, the types of clothing And appearance design, both have made great progress. The clothing we currently wear has lines in the design, which can greatly increase the aesthetic style of such clothing. So how is such a dense texture achieved? Manufacturers mainly process it through pleating machines . Not only that, but this type of equipment has many functions. Let's learn about this together.

      The high-speed platform pleated interlock sewing machine is a kind of pleating machine. This series of small square-head interlock sewing machines has a wide variety of derivatives and can be installed with a variety of accessories to realize multi-functional sewing. It is widely used in various knitted sewing materials, such as Sweatshirt pants, T-shirts, men's and women's underwear, knitted fashion, etc., are equipped with sewing equipment in large sewing factories. The pleating machine adopts a forced oil return device at the needle bar to effectively control the measurement of the needle bar mechanism and eliminate oil leakage. The upper and lower silicone oil devices prevent the needle from heating and breaking. The purpose of pleating machine: suitable for sewing thin or medium thickness decoration. For example: women's fashion tops, skirt pants, children's clothing, cushions, hoods, etc. The reduced scene pleating machine is mainly a luxurious embossed flower shape with reduced scenes and changes in density. The fabric after heat setting greatly increases the elasticity and three-dimensional effect. The reduced scene style is more elegant and unique. It can be used to make bridesmaid shirts and skirts. Decorative towels, cover cloths, etc.

      I believe that when you are buying clothing, you must first pay attention to the style of the clothing. If you like it, then you will consider the purchase. Nowadays, there are many designs on the outer texture of clothing, mainly based on the variety of pleating machines. Multifunctional pleating machines are common. If you still have questions about this aspect, our company is very happy. Solve this problem for you.


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