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Futan Machinery Annual Meeting was held on 31th, Dec, 2020.

2020 was an unusual time, everyone suffered a lot in this year, someone lost precious things, someone learned how to deal the bad situation, getting stronger than before.

First, Futan Machinery's founder said we as a experienced and professional ultrasonic equipment manufacturer, in spring festival 2020, we already started to produce a lot ultrasonic mask machines and welding machines in this year. Continue working, no weekend, our workers put themself into mask machine production bravely, these machines produced lots of quality mask, so protect countless people from the COVID-19 in 2020. 

"Futan Machinery received many orders and good reputations from buyers around China and abroad. Thanks for your effort, everyone should be rewarded!", our boss said. At same time, our boss hope everyone learned something could improve ourself, keep producing good quality ultrasonic machines, offer better servces around the world. Futan Machinery willing to offer you the chance to win more as you can!

Then we held the award ceremony, workship leaders and good staffs got the company certificates&awards. They posed for pictures with our boss Yuan Xi.

Later, we devoted our shows and joined group games, everyone was happy in that time. Even our boss and his wife song a sing, staff enjoyed it. Some staff won the prizes by vote.

Finally, we expressed our hope for 2021, be better, be stronger, best wishes to every family! 


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