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Ultrasonic Slitting Machine

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Ultrasonic Slitting Machine (Wide Width)



  • 超声波分切机 (宽条)
  • 超声波分切机 (宽条)
  • 超声波分切机 (宽条)

The ultrasonic slitting machine (wide width) is used for the slitting and rewinding of towel cloths, glasses cloths, dust-free cloths, mops, antistatic cloths, polyester cloths, and medical mattresses. The slitting width can be freely adjusted with a minimum value of 100mm.

  • 超声波分切机 (宽条)
  • 超声波分切机 (宽条)
Power supply 220V
Input power 5KW
Max. unwinding diameter 400mm
Max. unwinding width 1600~3000mm
Min. slitting width 150mm
Max. slitting speed 30m/min
Diameter of air shaft 3inch
Outline size(length×width×height) 2000*3500*1700mm
Net weight 1500KG
  • The ultrasonic slitting machine (wide width) uses a stable steel structure for high-speed operation, which effectively improves the mechanical durability and the service life.
  • The slitting speed is controlled by the frequency conversion motor, while the slitting width can be arbitrarily adjusted with a minimum of 100mm.
  • The tension of rewinding fabrics is controlled using the magnetic powder clutch so that the tightness is freely adjustable. Single / double air swelling shaft is optional for rewinding.
  • The feeding tension uses magnetic powder tension control so that the feeding is uniform, thus improving the smoothness and neatness of the cuts.
  • Equipped with meter counter with metering function, the machine can automatically stop at a fixed length.
  • Air shaft for unwinding and is equipped with manual correction device (automatic correction device is optional), which can effectively guarantee the straightness of the cuts.
  • Ultrasonic cutting, no coarse sides, no coking, no discoloration.
  • Diverse slitting styles, such as: straight edge, serrated edge, wave lace.