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Ultrasonic Face Mask Machine

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Fully Automatic Nonwoven Face Mask Making Machine



The fully automatic non-woven face mask making machine consists of a face mask making machine, inner and outer ear loop welding machines, and the transmission component. The inverter and motor are controlled using a PLC program, achieving a synchronous operation of all 3 machines. both inverted and non-inverted face masks can be produced, and it is convenient to replace the related device and easy to operate.

It operates in a stable manner, with the fastest speed of 150 pieces/minute, and a qualified pass rate of more than 98%.

  • Fully Automatic Non-woven Face Mask Making Machine
  • Fully Automatic Non-woven Face Mask Making Machine
  • Fully Automatic Non-woven Face Mask Making Machine

Production flow

  • Manual feeding
  • face mask film forming
  • automatic ear loop feeding
  • ultrasonic ear loop welding
  • finished products output
  • counting
  • finished products stacking
  • sent out by conveyor belt


Power supply 220V
Power 8.0KW
Air pressure 6-8kg/cm²
Size of face mask 175*95mm
Output capacity 120-150pcs/min
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) 7000*3200*2000mm
Net weight 2000KG


  • When one of the ear loop welding machines fails, the other can still work normally. The ear loop welding machines and face mask production machine operate independently, and do not affect each other's operation
  • Aluminum alloy frame, PLC programming control, high degree of automation.
  • The power of the ultrasonic system is strong and stable, making it applicable to long-term continuous operation.
  • Servo feeding, precise shifting, uniform welding strip.
  • Photoelectric detection of raw materials is used to avoid mistakes and reduce waste, giving the equipment a high stability.