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Ultrasonic Quilting Machine

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Ultrasonic quilting machine


The ultrasonic sewing quilting machine utilizes ultrasound technology to complete no-needle, no-thread quilting operations. It can bond and emboss laminations of various chemical fiber fabrics, non-woven fabrics, gush glue cotton, and artificial leather.

The machine is easy to operate and patters come out clear and beautiful. The fabric will not be easily deformed. The bonding is solid and without using needles, production efficiency is significantly increased.

According to customer demands, the pattern roller can also be freely replaced, allowing for different patterns with various effects to be pressed. It is an ideal equipment for the production of bedcovers, bedspreads, pillowcases, quilt covers, quilt, mattress, sofas, car mats, garments and bags, etc.



  • 超声波缝绽机
  • 超声波缝绽机
  • 超声波缝绽机


Model Power supply Effective width Dimensions Net weight
JT-1000-S 7KW 380V 3 phase (220V) 1000mm 5x1.5x1.8m 1000KG
JT-1600-S 7KW 380V 3 phase (220V) 1550mm 5x2x1.8m 1500KG
JT-1800-S 8KW 380V 3 phase (220V) 1800mm 5x2.3x1.8m 1800KG
JT-2300-S 8KW 380V 3 phase (220V) 2300mm 5x2.8x1.8m 2300KG
JT-2600-S 9KW 380V 3 phase (220V) 2600mm 5x3.1x1.8m 2600KG
JT-2800-S 9KW 380V 3 phase (220V) 2800mm 5x3.3x1.8m 2800KG
JT-3000-S 9KW 380V 3 phase (220V) 3000mm 5x3.5x1.8m 3000KG


  • This machine features the latest ultrasonic control box design that provides strong and stable power. It is suitable for longtime continuous operation.
  • Built-in multi-channel ultrasonic protection system to ensure safe and stable operation of the machine.
  • The whole machine is comprised of an embossing compound mainframe, ultrasonic control cabinet, finished products rewinding machine, and bracket for storing fabrics.


  • The sewing quilting machine is equipped with a professional level adjuster for pattern roller, which can quickly and freely correct its levelness.
  • Avoid the trouble of needles and threads of traditional sewing through the use of unique no-thread quilting technique.
  • The quilting width varies from the minimum value to 3000mm, and any pattern can be created simply by replacing the pattern roller.
  • The service life of the high-tech handler horn is four times longer than that of the traditional thin horn.
  • Using an imported ultrasonic transducer with powerful sound wave, the quilting effect completed in a high level of quality.
  • Simple operation, high quilting strength, high production efficiency.